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 is founded as a joint task force assisting clients overcoming the many issues in the fields of Tax & Legal - Relocation services - Pension & Benefit.
Our clients are employers who expatriate Key Staff to work in subsidiaries located in Denmark and southern Sweden.
Settle in Denmark is three separate companies each with their own professional competencies.
Co-operating demonstrates our understanding of the value in solving client needs under ONE umbrella.
Our emphasis is to facilitate our clients with a joint effort, making your Key Personnel feel settled from day one, feel at home, comfortable with their package and with local regulations, ultimately becoming efficient for you while expatriated.

The Tax & Legal area is represented by Lawyer Marianne Sigfusson.

Her office has many years of experience in national & international taxation, VAT and Duties. But also an experienced partner when it comes to global transfer of manpower.

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The Tax & Legal area is represented by David Munch.

The law firm provides tax and corporate law assistance and assistance concerning agreements. Assignments include establishment of companies, shareholder agreements, incentive schemes, tax opinions, tax cases and litigation.

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The Relocation services area is represented by Mads Wikke.

The aim of Settwell in Denmark is to be instrumental in bringing about to the transferee and family the necessary support / assistance which will ensure a successful and comfortable relocation encompassing all the practical and human aspects. Thus making a major contribution to the success of international assignments, saving time and money for our clients . . .

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The Pension & Benefit area is represented by Steen Worziger.

Pension & Benefit Consulting is based on a consulting tradition.
Steen Worziger, once a co-founder of Mercers Nordic Operations, as Head of office he has delt with numereous international clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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